We are introducing a new look for our family of trusted brands

SFI establishes a new mark of quality, credibility and reliability

In September 2016, SFl revealed a new refreshed global logo and look, created to communicate a new level and mark of quality, credibility and reliability to healthcare practitioners and consumers.

As healthcare professional and consumer appetite for quality natural healthcare products increases, SFI believes there is also an increased need for transparency around the quality, sourcing and processing of these products.

SFI's commitment to providing this increased level of transparency is captured in its Source to Patient philosophy. The aim of the SFI global rebrand is to provide healthcare professionals and consumers globally with a clear and distinctive mark of quality, credibility and reliability when choosing natural healthcare products.

SFI Corporate Video

This year marks an exciting new chapter in SFI’s long history. SFI’s brands have built strong reputations in their own markets, and it is now SFI’s responsibility, as parent to this family of highly respected brands, to share this trusted reputation with the rest of the world.

“At SFI, we ultimately want to change the way people consider natural healthcare. This can only be delivered by empowering healthcare professionals and consumers with the responsible management of health – which is to say providing consumers with quality, safe and efficacious natural healthcare products.”

SFI Chief Executive Officer
Nigel Pollard

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