About Us

Soho Flordis International (SFI), an Australian registered company, is an international provider of clinically proven natural medicines.

SFI was established in 2010 following a long collaboration between Flordis Pty Ltd and SOHO Group and today the SFI Group brings leading natural medicines from around the world through its evidence-based companies that have a long history dating back to 1942.

SFI is committed to ensuring that people globally have access to the best quality, innovative evidence based natural medicines. Therefore it is our aim that the safety and efficacy claims for our products are supported by specific clinical evidence. This higher standard enables the selection of safe, appropriate and effective treatments.

Our products are endorsed and recommended by leading authorities based on clinical evidence and product consistency.

SFI operates across the globe and is dedicated to building an international community of leading herbal and medical companies, experts, scientists and researchers to collaborate in the development of natural medicines with a high level of evidence.

As part of our commitment to leadership development, and building our network to take the company to IPO, SFI has joined “NSW Leaders”, and organisation for fast growth, dynamic companies who have ambitious expansion plans and a commitment to their leadership team.

Our Vision

To build the world’s first global brand focused on pioneering quality, innovative evidence based natural medicines to market through healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

By 2020, Soho Flordis International be internationally recognised as the globally sustainable leading provider of patient solutions in clinically proven natural medicines, promoted through healthcare and endorsed by world class opinion leaders.