Our Commitment

SFI is proudly committed to supporting the communities we work with. The philanthropic spirit is held strongly throughout the entire organisation and forms a component of our company values.

At present, SFI is committed to assisting Glory Reborn to a sustainable future and helps to support Philippines maternity needs. Glory Reborn in Cebu offers high quality holistic care and is saving lives, one mother and a baby at a time. 

Who are Glory Reborn?

Glory Reborn provides compassionate and holistic care to marginalized moms and babies of Cebu, Philippines.

According to statistics in 2014, 23.1 million Filipinos live below the poverty line and are unable to afford quality health care. According to UNICEF, 13 mothers die in the Philippines, every day from pregnancy related complications. Post-partum hemorrhage is the major cause of maternal mortality (at 41 percent). Often maternal deaths are not reported.

The charity, Glory Reborn, was founded in August 2003, and has since delivered more than 3,200 healthy babies. The charity offers its quality pregnancy and newborn services through donations. Sponsor a baby and mom through Glory Reborn for pre-and post-natal care for $650 (US).


Glory Reborn in 5 Minutes from Glory Reborn Org. on Vimeo.