SFI Selling Platforms & Channel Brands

SFI Group has distribution partners in over 50 countries, and our own sales and distribution infrastructure in the USA, UK, Europe, China and India, connecting through a variety of channels to sell our clinically researched brand, Flordis, our healthcare professional only brand, Klaire Labs and our 200 year old retail brand originating from the UK, Potter’s.

Our customers can benefit from the global distribution network and market reputation that our own three brands, Flordis, Klaire Labs and Potter’s have built.


Working under the SFI umbrella our three brands are driven to change the way people consider natural healthcare. Our products empower consumers and professionals with credible, quality and reliable natural products that have been developed using SFI’s own rigorous processes. The result is a range of premium, competitively priced, high quality and efficacious products known and respected in the markets where they are distributed.

Our own branded products are produced through the Access and Build capabilities SFI Services offers. Each SFI brand has a dedicated regional sales and marketing team to ensure products have the support to maximise their potential. SFI Group is investing in marketing activities that connect with their target audiences whilst also connecting with key industry distributors, leaders and opinion leaders at major conferences and trade exhibitions around the world.

When your product is distributed under the SFI brand the same service and excellence can be delivered for your business.

SFI Group has significant experience that has allowed us to develop market intelligence and connections in complex areas around the world such as Saudi Arabia, China and India, and we have flexible commercial arrangements that support our customers’ needs.

We are proud of our history and experience and believe that by leveraging the SFI Selling platform, our partners can easily enter their chosen markets and benefit from our existing market share and proven brand equity.