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SFI Health Solutions

Using the highest-quality facilities & manufacturing capabilities, our team continually create and foster new and better ways to operate. This extends to our methodology, where we created our own: a holistic approach to addressing CDMO challenges built upon three sequential, interconnected but separate pillars: Design. Develop. Deliver.

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Production, manufacturing, packaging and supply challenges are best solved, and opportunities are best realised, when their solutions are born from a deep and profound understanding. Our experts will liaise with you to understand your challenges and opportunities in context, and work collaboratively with you and your team to develop and evolve your early-phase concepts into fully-formed approaches designed to have the greatest chance of delivering on their potential.

Strengthen an existing natural health product or define a new one

Engage a dedicated team to define the central challenge, the project goals and the key success criteria.

Variety of options for engagement

Retain us to be involved in as many or as few of the product development phases as you require.

Proven pharmaceutical grade and nutraceutical product design

Leverage our in-house expertise across our many interconnected capabilities:

  • Source ingredient trends and labeling evaluations
  • Product delivery formats whether capsule, tablet, softgels or other
  • Reformulation provider and product improvements
  • Medical review
  • Pre-clinical studies and clinical trials
  • Regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance support

Quality by design

A systematic approach to product design and development that begins with predefined objectives and emphasises product and process understanding through process control, based on sound science and quality risk management.

Managed expectations

To ensure efforts can be focused immediately from the commencement of a project, you’ll receive a clearly defined Scope of Work detailing line items, key milestones, final deliverables and budget.


Quality is critical to every stage of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product development, ensuring promising ideas do not become expensive mistakes. We utilise iterative and rapid production timelines to produce a verifiable proof-of-concept of the highest quality standards that’s tested and ready for commercial scale-up.

Agile product development process allows for short lead times and rapid production timelines.

Generate a pilot-run quickly to address unexpected supply disruptions or new-to-market innovations.

Scaled capabilities

Our clients can select and apply the specialist technological and manufacturing capabilities they need, tailored to suit their unique project requirements:

  • Product development formulating
  • Strategic sourcing with global reach
  • Small-batch R&D trials
  • Product concepts for approval and modification
  • Development and transfer of chemical and microbiology analysis
  • Shelf stability evaluation with final-spec product
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Regulatory review and sign off

Pressure tested

We review multiple product design alternatives to ensure the final solution arrived at is shown to be the most effective according to the most relevant metrics.


Whether it’s visible on the horizon or not, change is the rule, and it’s essential to be able to adapt quickly as market conditions change. That’s why flexibility is built into every stage of our production development processes.

Commercial production with 3 manufacturing sites globally

We can deliver consistent quality at speed with rapid production timelines and flexibility of schedules across our three GMP compliant and certified facilities in the US, UK and Switzerland.

To view a complete list of production, packaging and certifications inclusions, click here.

Synchronised management

Systematic joint account planning and follow-up to facilitate smooth growth, fast order fulfilment, automatic order confirmation systems for microbiology analysis, and seamless technology transfer to enable global expansion.

Market readiness

Focus your time and resources on your strengths and appoint us to navigate the administrative and regulatory aspects on your behalf including dossier, product registration and licensing.

Lab services, analysis and stability

State-of-the-art laboratories with modern instrumentation to meet your physical, chemical and microbiological analytical needs.

Retain your advantage

We can initiate systematic joint account planning sessions to ensure you remain appraised of market conditions and are prepared to pivot in response to shifting commercial priorities.

Private label opportunities

We have a pipeline of finished food supplements in 5 therapeutic areas which create the possibility for our clients to widen or refresh their own product portfolios and launch these products under their own brand. Those therapeutic areas are Immunity, Cognitive, Heart, Energy and Digestion.

Whatever your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product challenge is, no matter its scale and regardless of your timeframe, you can call on us to either formulate a focused and tactical solution, or design you an all-encompassing, end-to-end strategy, or anything in between. We can provide you with as much or as little support as your organisation requires as a full-service CDMO.

A new breed of CDMO

From the outset, SFI Health Solutions was designed and structured to be an agile, high quality, cost-conscious alternative to the larger, more traditionally-structured CDMOs.

Innovation excellence

We have an extensive track record in applying innovation, creativity and lateral thinking to resolving large-scale design and industry-wide manufacturing challenges for clients that have not been able to find solutions elsewhere.

Natural ingredient expertise

Our focus is on supplement and over-the-counter (OTC) product development and formulations that contain herbs, botanicals and live cultures.

Entrepreneurial speed

From a product formulation transfer right up to the delivery of the finished goods, our fast-tracked project management process makes it possible for a client’s solution to be completed in as little as 8 weeks.

Competitive cost structure

New clients are frequently able to achieve economies of scale by leveraging the breadth of our existing client portfolio.

Environmental sustainability

We are able to complete and project manage your environmental sustainability applications, certifications and related requirements.

Harness our global manufacturing network

With world-class contract manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK and Switzerland, we can help you access the right source ingredients, product design, product development, labelling, packaging and supply that you need to realise your opportunities and address your challenges – wherever in the world your markets are, and wherever in the world you want your products to be.