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Whether it’s visible on the horizon or not, change is the rule, and it’s essential to be able to adapt quickly as market conditions change. That’s why flexibility is built into every stage of our production development processes.

Commercial production with 3 manufacturing sites globally

We can deliver consistent quality at speed with rapid production timelines and flexibility of schedules across our three GMP compliant and certified facilities in the US, UK and Switzerland.

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Synchronised management

Systematic joint account planning and follow-up to facilitate smooth growth, fast order fulfilment, automatic order confirmation systems for microbiology analysis, and seamless technology transfer to enable global expansion.

Market readiness

Focus your time and resources on your strengths and appoint us to navigate the administrative and regulatory aspects on your behalf including dossier, product registration and licensing.

Lab services, analysis and stability

State-of-the-art laboratories with modern instrumentation to meet your physical, chemical and microbiological analytical needs.

Retain your advantage

We can initiate systematic joint account planning sessions to ensure you remain appraised of market conditions and are prepared to pivot in response to shifting commercial priorities.

Private label opportunities

We have a pipeline of finished food supplements in 5 therapeutic areas which create the possibility for our clients to widen or refresh their own product portfolios and launch these products under their own brand. Those therapeutic areas are Immunity, Cognitive, Heart, Energy and Digestion.