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The brands you know and love are getting a fresh new look

Flordis®, Klaire® and Equazen® are proud brands of the SFI Health family
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We are a global, natural healthcare company. We passionately develop world class solutions for complex health problems in the areas of microbiome and cognitive health so that healthcare professionals and consumers can navigate their way to wellbeing.


Backed by extensive scientific evidence, our cognitive health products help nourish, protect, and support the potential of each and every brain.

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We’ve put our knowledge and expertise into producing a unique set of nutraceuticals that support your overall health and wellbeing.

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Through decades of research, we’ve developed a range of products designed to help restore and maintain your microbiome.

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The brands you know and love are changing

Flordis®, Klaire® and Equazen® have been part of the SFI Health family for many years. We’re excited to share with you what’s happening next.

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About us

Through our specialist capabilities in research, innovation, and education, we bring new products to life and share our knowledge with healthcare professionals and their patients on how best to use health calculator. We’re proud to do to this under our own brand names, as well as on behalf of many of the leading healthcare brands in the world.

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Choose your probiotic like a trillion tiny lives depend on it.

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View our microbiome range

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