• We are a global premium natural healthcare company with a rich history of over 200 years

  • Be prepared. With Klaire Labs immune support action plan.

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  • Some clinical studies have shown immune system support after taking Ginsana (healthy individuals age 18-50)

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Our family of brands 

When it comes to delivering natural healthcare products, we believe there is a better way. 

The SFI family of brands represent an unwavering commitment to quality, driven by our passion for applying science to nature.

* Packaging and product claims may vary depending on country-specific regulations.  Products available in selected markets.

Healthcare professional recommended

The Klaire Labs quality range is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals to help provide better health choices for those under their care.

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Clinically proven

The Flordis brand is dedicated to providing a distinctive clinically researched range of credible natural healthcare products for the delivery of better health outcomes.

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Everyday Consumer
Natural Healthcare

Potter’s brings you a broad range of reliable natural healthcare products that have been trusted by families for generations.

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Specific omega-3 and omega-6 combinations for the whole family

Equazen offers a range of high quality nutritional supplements tailored to meet brain health needs from maternity to maturity.

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The power of nature captured by science

The clinically researched Ginsana range with premium Swiss quality has been created to maintain health naturally.

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Access: Go-To-Market Services

Our Access Services including R&D and Regulatory Affairs are designed to get our customers into markets around the world.

Build: Manufacturing Services

We have state of the art production and packaging facilities around the globe, offering highly customisable solutions.

Sell: Sales and Distribution Services

With our global distribution network and established market reputation, our partners can enter chosen markets.

Our Vision

Be the trusted global leader in developing & delivering human microbiome and cognitive natural solutions that enable people to make informed health choices confidently.

About us

Our History

Our rich history dates back over 200 years

Global Presence

We are present worldwide and are continuously looking for new opportunities