The brands you know and love are getting a fresh new look

Flordis®, Klaire® and Equazen® are proud brands of the SFI Health family and have been for many years, leading the way in efficacy, safety, and quality. A foundation of our business, we sell them to healthcare professionals around the world, who trust them to deliver better outcomes for their patients.

We’ll be transitioning all these brands to the SFI Health brand, which will become more prominent on our packaging and materials. While we might be changing the way things look, you can be sure our commitment to consistency and quality will be as strong as always.

Choose your probiotic like a trillion tiny lives depend on it

The human microbiome is an incredibly diverse ecosystem made up of a trillion microorganisms. Its health is essential to support immunity, metabolism, cardiovascular health and cognition.1-3

Through decades of meticulous research and innovation, SFI Health has formulated products respectful of the balance of the microbiome that supports health by restoring and maintaining its functionality.

What’s changing? Klaire Labs will transition to SFI Health.

Focus for every kind of mind

From the greatest thought to the most powerful emotion, our brain dictates how we think and feel, and what we do. Intellectual activities such as learning, thinking, attention, reasoning and memory are critically dependent on our brain’s best health.

Backed by extensive scientific evidence, our cognitive health products help nourish, protect, and support the potential of each and every brain.

What’s changing? Equazen and Flordis will transition to SFI Health.

Nutraceutical products precisely balanced to support your overall health and wellbeing

It’s easy to take general health for granted, but a lot must go right just to keep us well. A number of health systems in our bodies must be protected, nourished, and maintained.

We’ve put our knowledge and expertise into producing a unique set of nutraceuticals that support your overall health and wellbeing.

What’s changing? Flordis and Ginsana® will transition to SFI Health.