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SFI Health is a global, natural healthcare company. We passionately design, develop and deliver world-class solutions for complex needs in the areas of microbiome and cognitive health, giving people the confidence to strive for better wellbeing.

Through our specialist capabilities in research, innovation, and education, we bring new products to life and share our knowledge with healthcare professionals and their patients on how best to use them.
We’re proud to do to this under our own brand names, as well as on behalf of many of the leading healthcare brands in the world.
  • Our purpose

    For us, it’s personal. We understand there is a lot of confusion and complexity around the place of natural healthcare alongside pharmaceutical products. Healthcare Professionals and their patients need to know what to use and when. We are here to resolve this and believe it’s our responsibility to bring proven healthcare solutions to promote confidence in natural healthcare.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to be the trusted global leader in developing & delivering human microbiome and cognitive natural solutions that enable people to make informed health choices confidently.

  • Our speciality

    We lead the way in two cutting-edge fields: microbiome support and cognitive health. It’s complex and challenging work, yet we’re driven by the knowledge that the health of these two crucial and interconnected systems can dramatically influence our overall health and wellbeing.

Our history

  • Connected with SOHO Global Health

    Flordis Australia established

  • 2010
    Soho Global Health + Flordis
    Companies join forces to create Soho Flordis International (SFI)

  • 2013
    Ginsana + Klaire Labs
    Ginsana Switzerland & Klaire Labs USA join us

  • 2015
    Equazen joins and expands our global footprint

  • 2020
    Australian Bio Therapeutics (ABT)
    Our joint venture with ABT opens in Queensland, Australia, to provide raw materials for our microbiome products

  • 2021
    SFI Health
    We change our name to SFI Health, which becomes more prominent on our packaging

Our values

We believe that bettering humankind must come before profit. We believe that our continuous innovation, leading edge processes and a science-backed approach are the foundations for our success, and we use that success to grow awareness of the power of natural healthcare and the wellbeing of our customers.

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quality of life
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Promote diversity
Make a difference

Why we do
what we do

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Leadership team

“It has long been my vision of developing quality natural healthcare products and sharing these with people around the world.”

Mr Eng Liang Tan,
SFI Health Executive Chairman and Founder

Quality & research

We take the highest levels of care with the efficacy and quality of every ingredient, even growing the source ingredients ourselves to make sure they’re industry-leading and fit for purpose.

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Flordis®, Klaire® and Equazen® have all been part of the SFI Health family for many years. We’re excited to share with you what’s happening next.

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