Choose your probiotic like a trillion tiny lives depend on it

Choose your probiotic like a trillion tiny lives depend on it

The human microbiome is an intricate ecosystem of a trillion diverse micro-organisms. Its health is essential to support gastro intestinal, immune, women’s and cognitive health.1-3

Through decades of meticulous research and innovation, SFI Health has formulated products respectful of the balance of the microbiome that supports health by restoring and maintaining its functionality.

Ther-Biotic® Complete

Our most comprehensive, maximum support probiotic formula. With a broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic blend of 12 probiotic species that work synergistically for intestinal health support.

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Ther-Biotic® Women’s

A broad-spectrum combination of 10 clinically researched Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species specifically selected to help maintain a healthy, balanced microbial ecology within the female genito-urinary microbiome.

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Children’s Chewable

A broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic probiotic supplement clinically shown to support gastrointestinal health in children from 2 years old.

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Choose your probiotic like a trillion tiny lives depend on it.

Each of us depends on our microbiome for our wellness and vitality, but it’s easily upset and difficult to restore. That’s why we’ve invested 50 years of innovation and research to create a range of prebiotics, probiotics and combinations with unsurpassed purity and potency.

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SFI Health provides quality probiotics, enzymes, and other combination supplements to support optimal microbiome outcomes for even the most sensitive individuals.
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