Focus for every kind of mind

Focus for every kind of mind

Intellectual activities such as learning, thinking, attention, reasoning and memory are critically dependent on optimal cognitive health.

Using extensive scientific evidence, our cognitive health products help nourish, protect, and support the potential of every human brain.


Our unique formulations provide balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to help support learning, concentration and healthy brain development in children and adolescents.1-6

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Contains natural active ingredient Bacopa monnieri that’s clinically proven to support memory, concentration and learning function.7-11 Beneficial during times of stress, KeenMind can help provide calm focus.

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Gincosan is a formula for easing mental fatigue, supporting blood circulation and maintaining physical endurance.12-17 It is particularly useful in those who are mentally and physically fatigued due to lifestyle, work or study demands, and who may have difficulty concentrating and remembering information.

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Focus for every
kind of mind

Essential fatty acids to support cognitive performance from childhood.

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Brands such as Equazen® and Flordis® are the foundation of our business and our products are sold throughout the world, primarily through healthcare professionals who trust them to deliver the health outcomes their patients need.




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