SFI Health Board of Directors

"It has long been my vision of developing quality natural healthcare products and sharing these with people around the world." - Mr Eng Liang Tan, SFI Health Executive Chairman and Founder
Mr Eng Liang Tan

Chairman / President Commissioner of SOHO Global Health since 2010
Global SFI Health Executive

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Mr Robert Hendriks

Group CEO since 2019

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SFI Health Senior Executive Team

Gilbert Cheong Foo

Group CFO

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Arvinder Grover

Group Head HR Organisation Effectiveness

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Matthew Brabazon

General Manager EMEA

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George Tan

Company Secretary

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Gian Luca Ligas

Group Head of Marketing & Scientific Affairs

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Rachel Carter

General Manager APAC

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David Sisk

General Manager Americas

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Why we do what we do

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