Gincosan® launched in Indonesia

SFI is proud to announce the launch of Gincosan® in Indonesia in June 2015, together with its local partner SOHO Global Health. SOHO is one of Indonesia’s leading healthcare companies. Gincosan® is a unique, synergistic combination of GK501® Ginkgo biloba and G115® Panax ginseng to improve cognitive health.

The Gincosan® Meet The Experts launch events “Challenges and a new hope in the management of mental performance” took place in various Indonesian cities. Top Indonesian neurologists were present, and early feedback has been extremely positive. A full team of Medical Representatives was also trained by SFI’s Medical Department prior to the official launch.

A top seller in 15 countries worldwide, Gincosan® is specifically clinically proven with more than 20 years of research. Gincosan® has been shown to improve cognitive functions, particularly those related to memory and mental performance. It has been shown to be more effective than Ginkgo biloba alone. Gincosan is beneficial especially for middle and older aged patients.

Gincosan® is part of the Flordis® range, which stands for Clinically Proven Natural Medicines. The Flordis portfolio in Indonesia includes Gincosan®, Ginsana®, Prospan®, Legalon® and Viartril®-S.

G115® is a trademark of Pharmaton SA registered in multiple countries and used under licence.

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