Company News

SFI acquires Swiss company Ginsana SA & US company ProThera, Inc.

Company News

SFI acquires Swiss company Ginsana SA & US company ProThera, Inc.

SFI acquires Swiss and US companies as part of global expansion

Soho Flordis International (SFI), an international provider of clinically proven natural medicines, announced today the acquisitions of Ginsana and ProThera. Ginsana from Pharmaton, is a Swiss based leader and innovator in natural medicines and ProThera is a specialist US nutraceutical company. The acquisitions mark an important milestone in establishing SFI as the leading global provider of clinically proven natural medicines.

With superior expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a complementary line of six natural medicine brands with significant growth potential, Ginsana helps SFI advance an extensive product portfolio and new product pipeline through a strong network of international distributors. These capabilities will enhance SFI’s mission to give healthcare professionals and patients access to the best natural medicines supported by clinical studies. Ginsana will continue to market its products under the Ginsana brand name and manufacture world class natural medicines. The trademark rights of Pharmaton® remain at Pharmaton.

Ginsana headquarters in Bioggio, Switzerland will become an SFI centre for product development, manufacturing and rapid commercialisation through its worldwide distributor network.

ProThera has over 50 years of formulation experience and a comprehensive product line of probiotics and dietary supplements distributed exclusively by healthcare providers. ProThera gives SFI entry into both the growing field of probiotics and the US market, further delivering on its mission to give healthcare providers and patients access to the best natural medicine supported by clinical studies.

ProThera headquarters in Reno, Nevada, USA will serve as a regional hub for the rapid commercialisation of the extensive SFI Group product portfolio and future pipeline.

“The parallel acquisitions of Ginsana and ProThera have not only extended our network and pipeline of natural medicine brands with great legacy, it allows us to enter into the attractive field of probiotics. Building on our success in Australia and South Africa – we have now established a strong foundation for expansion in the northern hemisphere and its main markets, the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia. Switzerland is the ideal location to reflect SFI’s dedication to innovation and the advancement of natural medicines through healthcare professionals.” SFI Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Pollard


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