SFI acquires US company Complementary Prescriptions

Soho Flordis International (SFI), an international provider of clinically proven natural medicines, announced today the acquisition of Complementary Prescriptions LLC (CP), a leading nutraceutical company based in Carson City, Nevada (USA). The acquisition marks another important milestone in establishing SFI as the leading global provider of clinically proven natural medicine and follows the successful acquisition and integration of ProThera, Inc., based in Nevada, and Ginsana, SA based in Switzerland, in the second half of 2013.

With more than 400 formulations marketed exclusively through healthcare practitioners, CP offers a comprehensive product line of innovative and high quality dietary supplements. CP gives SFI entry into the growing field of medicines related to the effects of ageing which greatly complements SFI’s premium position in the probiotics and herbal medicines segments, further delivering on SFI’s mission to give healthcare providers and patients access to the best natural medicines supported by clinical studies.

CP will be integrated into ProThera in a step-wise approach over the next 180 days and the ProThera headquarters in Reno, Nevada will continue to serve as the regional hub for the rapid commercialisation of the extensive SFI Group product portfolio and future pipeline in The Americas.

"The acquisition of CP not only gives us entry into the attractive field of medicines related to the effects of ageing, it has extended our network and pipeline of natural medicine brands with great loyalty from healthcare practitioners and patients. Building on our success worldwide, we have now further strengthened our foundation for expansion in the Americas. The CP acquisition underlines SFI’s dedication to innovation and the advancement of natural medicines through healthcare professionals."

SFI Chief Exceutive Officer
Nigel Pollard

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