SFI cognitive portfolio in the limelight at PACIM

The South African Society of Integrative Medicine has hosted the first Pan African Congress of Integrative Medicine (PACIM), Cape Town, South Africa in May.

Integrative medicine combines conventional approaches (drugs and surgery) to medicine with consideration of nutrition and lifestyle to treat the whole body and maintain health, and emphasises the important role that nature-based products can play.

SFI, with three active global brands in the cognitive health category (Gincosan®, KeenMind® and Equazen®), sponsored the symposium for healthcare professionals on “Cognitive Health during different life stages”.

3 internationally renowned key opinion leaders - Prof Con Stough from Australia, Dr Jonathon Lee Reay from UK’s Teeside University and Prof Marius Smuts from South Africa, discussed how:

- KeenMind®, containing SFI’s specific extract of Bacopa monnieri (CDRI 08®), has been proven to benefit memory, learning retention, and concentration.

- Gincosan®, SFI proprietary combination of Panax Ginseng G115® and Ginkgo biloba GK501®, has evidence (7 clinical trials) supporting the  cognitive benefit of both extracts mainly in terms of increasing the quality of memory for middle aged healthy patients.

- Equazen Eye Q®, the leading omega-3 brand in SFI portfolio. Evidence supports a need for omega-3 fatty acids in children facing neurodevelopment challenges (ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia). Equazen’s clinically researched benefits were presented.


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