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SFI established as an international provider of natural health solutions

Company News

SFI established as an international provider of natural health solutions

SFI is born from the collaboration of two established organisations, Flordis Natural Medicines and SOHO Group

SOHO Flordis International (SFI) is proud to announce its launch as an international provider of natural health solutions. SFI is a registered Australian company, born from the collaboration of two established organisations, Flordis, the leading Australian company providing clinically proven natural medicine products and driving research, and SOHO Group, a leading Indonesian pharmaceutical company with international standard R&D, manufacturing and distribution and a natural medicine product range tailored for health care professionals. Flordis has recently received the first Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) “AUST R” approval for a herbal medicine under a new world standard regulatory pathway. This product, Iberogast®, has been available worldwide for half a century and is specifically clinically proven for irritable bowel syndrome and dyspepsia.

Soho Flordis International is building an international community of leading companies, herbal and medical experts, scientists and researchers to collaborate in the development of natural medicine products with high specific evidence. SFI also supports increasing calls for natural health products to prove their ‘seed to patient control’. This is a process that ensures traceability, sustainability and quality of all the steps involved in natural health medicine continuum, from plantation to harvesting, extraction and manufacture. This focus on consistency, quality control and clinical proof is a prerequisite for the acceptance of herbal medicines as part of mainstream medicine.

SFI is a strong advocate of the concept of ‘specifically clinically proven natural medicines’ meaning that the evidence is specific to the finished product. Nigel Pollard, SFI CEO, believes that raising the standards of evidence for natural medicine products will lead to better integration of natural medicines into our health system for the benefit of patients. “Patients are becoming more proactive in their health choices”, explains Pollard. “I believe that patients increasingly expect natural medicine products to deliver proven results. Finding such products is now achievable with the increasing availability of published clinical results, independent experts explaining how to select products and the easy access to this information through the internet and better trained health professionals”.

Soho Flordis International is committed to bring clinically proven natural medicines to market through healthcare professionals. SFI is leveraging the best capabilities of SOHO Group and Flordis: a network of world leading manufacturers and researchers; a sizable portfolio of natural medicine products; an operating platform in 12 countries and; the support of in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Executive Chairman of SFI, Eng Liang Tan, says “SFI is already making a significant contribution toward improving the standard of natural health products and we also are looking forward to working with our partners and the global community to acknowledge, reward and translate traditional knowledge on natural medicines”. As an example of this SFI and Soho Group are also working with the University of Western Sydney to further enhance the specific evidence behind Curcuma xanthorrhiza, an Indonesian herb known as Temulawak, which has been used for centuries for many conditions including digestive system complaints.

Additionally, SFI has already developed partnerships with renowned research centres, universities and governments. For example, SFI has committed A$9.6m in a pending Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid by the complementary medicine sector, which make SFI the largest financial contributor of all Australian participants. One of the focuses of the CRC is brain function, including the SFI product KeenMind which promotes memory and recall, concentration and mental clarity.


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