SFI, through its Swiss subsidiary Ginsana SA, showcases its portfolio at CPHI 2016

SFI at CPHI Barcelona 2016: The work of building relationships and an international presence continues

SFI, through its Swiss subsidiary Ginsana SA, successfully promoted both its product and B2B services range to industry representatives at this year’s CPHI Barcelona 2016.

CPHI Barcelona 2016 is an annual three-day exhibition dedicated to the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) industry, providing stakeholders, manufacturers, suppliers and innovators with an opportunity to meet, learn and do business.

At the annual event, the SFI Group representatives mixed with over 36,000 industry professionals from over 150 countries. Ginsana SA, located in Ticino (Switzerland), is the premium location from which the SFI Group controls European, Middle Eastern and African markets. The company was also presented as a member of the Piazza Ticino Association, the regional association for pharmaceutical companies from Ticino, Switzerland.

“CHPI is a key event for SFI. It provides great insight into upcoming industry trends, an opportunity to meet current and potential new clients, and a stage to present products and services to a global audience.”

Michael Clark
SFl General Manager for EMEA

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