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Soho Flordis International appoints new Chief Executive Officer

Company News

Soho Flordis International appoints new Chief Executive Officer

Nigel Pollard is responsible for driving the company’s worldwide growth

At Soho Flordis International (SFI), Pollard is responsible for driving the company’s aggressive worldwide growth. Already operating in 12 countries with a significant portfolio of natural medicines products, Pollard’s mandate is for SFI to develop and market clinically proven natural medicine products with specific clinical evidence based on an extensive network of leading partner companies, traditional medicine experts and scientific research community.

“Nigel Pollard is a real asset to Soho Flordis International as we embark on our global expansion”, said Eng Liang Tan, Executive Chairman of SFI. “Born out of the collaboration between SOHO Group and Flordis, our continued growth underlines the trend that the mainstream health system is now willing to accept clinically proven natural medicine products which have been subject to independent peer review and have as a result opinion leader support.”

“I am excited to join a company that combines the strengths of two great businesses with a reputation for clinically proven natural medicines supported by world class research and innovation. Our existing regional presence provides us with a great foundation for expanding our concept of bringing clinically proven natural medicines to market through healthcare professionals,” said Nigel Pollard, CEO of Soho Flordis International.

Pollard comes to SFI with a sales and marketing background in synthetic pharmaceuticals and natural medicines. He began his career in the UK in sales and marketing and covering hospital products, new product planning and business development. After 7 years, Pollard moved to BASF Pharma headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany where he managed a range of products with combined sales of EUR 250 million across 46 countries for a 5 year period. In 2001, Pollard established Flordis Natural Medicines, a company established to promote evidenced based herbal medicines in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

“Nigel Pollard’s demonstrated management experience and detailed understanding of the global natural medicines market is vital for SFI. This experience is needed to support our growing patient base and research agenda throughout the world and to work with the health professionals and governments to promote the concept globally”, said Deputy Chairman, Bill Beerworth.

Pollard has an active role in the industry, having sat on the Committee of Management of the industry body (the Australian Self Medication Industry ASMI) and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of CompleMED at the University of Western Sydney (the location of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine). He has an honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of York, UK, together with a degree level Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. He is a Chartered Marketer as well as member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Nigel Pollard
SFI Chief Executive Officer


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