Songha® Night launch in Pakistan

Ginsana SA increased its product portfolio in Pakistan with local partner Chemifar International

Soho Flordis International is proud to announce that in April 2015, Ginsana SA increased its product portfolio in Pakistan through the joint launch of Songha® Night with local partner Chemifar International. The Ginsana SA range in Pakistan now includes Ginsana® capsules and tonic, Gincosan®, Ginsaflex and Songha® Night.

Songha® Night is a natural treatment for mild to moderate sleeping problems combining two herbal extracts, Valerian (120 mg, Valeriana officinalis) and Lemon balm (80 mg, Melissa officinalis) in one sugar coated tablet. The combination of both extracts has been clinically proven to reduce tension, restlessness and irritability, thereby facilitating the onset and maintenance of sleep with the opportunity for long term usage.

A full team of Medical Representatives were trained by the Medical Department of Ginsana SA in the latter months of 2014 prior to the official launch, from which the early feedback from practitioners has been extremely positive.

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