David Sisk

General Manager Americas

David has spent almost the entirety of his career around health, food, and nutrition. David has a great passion for the power nutrition has to improve people's health and their quality of life. He has seen first hand the impact modern diet has on health, and the integral role that companies such as SFI Health, play in overcoming nutritional gaps to improve health outcomes.

Holding a graduate degree in Economics, undergraduate degree in Accounting / Finance and various accounting certifications, David started his career squarely within Finance and all things numbers. Through his career he has found his true calling in partnering with the business to provide solutions, not products, that help enrich the lives of customers. Finding immense fulfillment in this shift, David’s focus now revolves around meeting consumers at their point of need and collaborating closely with customers and partners to deliver innovative health solutions that have the greatest possible impact.

In his free time, David cherishes time with his family. David has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and thrives on the breathtaking landscapes of the Reno-Tahoe area. Whether running, hiking, or simply soaking the natural beauty, David embodies a passion for outdoor exploration and the vibrant experiences it offers.

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