Gian Luca Ligas

Group Head of Marketing & Scientific Affairs

Gian Luca Ligas is Group Head of Marketing & Scientific Affairs, bringing to the role his extensive experience in managing local and global brands across the healthcare sector.

A graduate of the University of Turin, Gian Luca holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, an MBA, as well as specialist certificates in marketing and management.

Wanting to help support people’s healthcare needs with natural product solutions, Gian Luca joined SFI Health in 2014. Before this, he occupied senior management positions at Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

“I have the same passion and commitment for my work at SFI Health as the very first day I began here. What we do I find very satisfying.”

Away from work, spending time with friends and family are the balancing factors that sustain Gian Luca – topped up with as much travel as his work and family schedules can allow.

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