Matthew Brabazon

General Manager EMEA

Matthew brings a diverse background, including driving strategy, creating growth models and branded commercial delivery, to his role as General Manager EMEA. He uses his extensive experience and deep knowledge of capital machinery, manufacturing implementation, leadership in R&I and Quality departments, and growth strategies to bring our natural “healthier for you” products to the mass population.

As a graduate of the University of Arizona, where he studied pre-medicine and international studies, Matthew holds a Master’s Degree in Business with a focus on Sports Marketing and Finance.

Matthew has spent his career working across APAC, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, where he successfully developed innovative products that coupled grains, legumes, tree nuts and probiotics to improve daily dietary habits.

He joined SFI Health in 2020 to continue on his path of providing natural health products.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys being outdoors with his family. Skiing, hiking, biking and exploring new mountainous terrain are among his favourite activities.

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