Rachel Carter

General Manager APAC

Rachel Carter is SFI Health’s APAC General Manager and a customer centric leader. Throughout her 25-year career Rachel has demonstrated her leadership qualities as an inclusive, transformational leader who delivers results through strategy, people, and collaboration (internally and externally). Rachel is a leader who takes people beyond where they thought they could go.

Rachel’s broad commercial experience includes leading teams to build brands, increase market share and drive sales growth in FMCG, manufacturing and, more recently, within the Complementary Medicines (CM) industry. Rachel feels she has found her purpose, reflecting her passion for natural health and living, a core part of her upbringing. In addition, Rachel takes great pride in her role as vice president of the board of directors of Complementary Medicines Australia and the highly efficacious and compliant standards the industry is responsible for.

Rachel joined SFI Health in 2021 and has consistently enjoyed remaining connected with customers and people. Innovation is part of Rachel’s DNA, along with diversity, corporate and social responsibilities (CSR) and sustainability. Rachel does not enjoy the status quo and believes that as humans, teams, organisations and industries, we can innovate, adapt and make a difference, leaving the world and organisation a better place.

An avid advocate of continuous learning, Rachel continues to build on her experience, Marketing Degree and MBA, sharing her knowledge and being a strong female mentor to future generations of industry and organisational leaders.

Rachel prides herself on delivering the triple bottom line to the organisation – The People, The Planet and The Profits.

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