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When you choose SFI Health, you can feel confident that you are choosing a high-quality provider, with products that are produced, packaged, tested and shipped according to the relevant regulatory requirements and with sound scientific principles.

Our commitment to you:

  • Product safety: We analyse all raw materials, active ingredients and final products according to regulatory standards that are recognised and accepted worldwide.
  • Quality by design: We conduct effective planning to identify, measure, monitor and maintain the excellence of our product quality. We build this into our processes right from the start, adhering to quality risk management principles.
  • Knowledge management: Product and process knowledge is acquired, analysed, stored and disseminated throughout the product lifecycle, providing the means for science and risk-based decisions.
  • Continuous improvement: By defining clear objectives, and monitoring results we are able to make constant improvements to our products, processes and systems.
  • Customer satisfaction: By delivering reliable products that are in line with the needs, specifications and intended use of our customers, we meet and exceed expectations.

Quality Assurance Info Graphic

Certifications and approvals obtained by our manufacturing plants

US FDA Food Facility Registration
EU GMP certificate for pharma products released from Swissmedic    
EU GMP certificate for pharma products released from MHRA    
HACCP for food supplements/dietary supplements from Laboratorio Cantonale    
HACCP for food supplements/dietary supplements including also of animal origin - (POAO) from Trading Standard    
Organic product from Soil Association (UK)    
ISO 9001:2015    
Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health: Manufactured Food (Supplements)    
ANVISA (Brazil) inspected and approved    
SFDA (Saudi Arabia) inspected and approved