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SFI Health Research

SFI Health Research is a dedicated research and product development company and is part of the SFI Group.

It has been established to pioneer the development of comprehensively researched natural healthcare products and works in collaboration with both the SFI Group and SOHO Global Health, our Indonesian sister company.

SFI Health Research leverages the strategic partnerships, capital and capabilities of the SFI and SOHO Groups through an open innovation model that entails working with leading universities and researchers around the world.

Our research is led by world class experts, universities and independent research organisations. 

Our robust and independent approach to research is an important pillar that supports SFI’s vision of elevating clinically proven natural healthcare products to their full potential; as an integral part of mainstream healthcare. 

We support the  SFI and SOHO Groups and our strategic partners to:

  • Discover and validate new indications and product combinations
  • Strengthen regulatory dossiers
  • Generate new product IP
  • Improve source to patient control
  • Assist with market preparation

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