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A triple win for Science and Cognitive health at SFI Health

Company News

A triple win for Science and Cognitive health at SFI Health

SFI Health is one of many credible companies to join forces with The Australian Council Training Centre for Facilitated Advancement of Australia’s Bioactives (FAAB), launched in March 2022. The collaboration will yield exciting outcomes for advancing human health, supporting emerging scientists and strengthening our competitive position in the cognitive health market.

FAAB is a consortium of leading academia and industry Researchers in bioactive identification, characterisation, manufacturing and commercial development. The consortium includes well respected institutions including Macquarie, Deakin, South Australia and Western Sydney Universities and the centre has access to leading Researchers, but also technology and facilities which has led to an international reputation for molecular studies.

FAAB’s aims align closely with  SFI Health with respect to the role of Science to unlock an evidence base for integrative health solutions.

Regulation is currently a challenge for the bioactives sector as most products fit into a regulatory overlap between foods and medicines. Yet there are increasing demands that any product making claims of being able to support and enhance consumer lifestyle and wellbeing is regulated. This requires a workforce prepared to work with sophisticated analytical methods on complex products in an environment where reproducibility and regulation are essential.”

SFI Health has been awarded a three year research grant, with the support of FAAB members, Macquarie and South Australia Universities through the Australian research Council (ARC). The grant will be predominantly used for preclinical trials on Equazen and the research will be undertaken by two PhD students whose supervisory panel includes SFI Health’s Alessio De Simone.

The research outcomes will primarily focus on the pharmacokinetic properties – (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) of various Equazen formulations using advanced invitro techniques to help substantiate and inform product development. A secondary aim involves the use of imaging techniques that will galvanize further documented support, about how Equazen  works in the human brain. This is important proprietary evidence for Equazen which strengthens the evidence base.

Fabrizio Camponovo, Head of Research and Development at SFI Health commented

 “This collaboration is warmly welcomed by SFI Health, we look forward to advancing knowledge in cognitive health with our partners and we view it as a triple win. Firstly, the research unlocks health knowledge, and in doing so, advances the human quality of life, a core value here at SFI Health. Secondly, this research is also a win for a new generation of scientists in integrative health through the scholarship and mentorship of PhD students. Lastly, the initiative is also a win for our business values, demonstrating and strengthening our commitment to producing high quality, efficacious cognitive health solutions which have strong scientific base.”

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