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Celebrating World Menopause Day

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Celebrating World Menopause Day

We are moving away from a world where open discussions about menopause are considered taboo, but there is still a long way to go.

World Menopause Day is an opportunity to continue to normalise discussion about a life event 50% of the world will experience. We’re proud to play a role in shining a light on menopause, we believe it’s a topic which requires more attention and support within society.

Menopause varies greatly in its impact, with some experiencing it smoothly, while others grapple with challenges such as stigma, physical and emotional symptoms which may affecting well-being, careers and relationships.

An important way to build understanding and normalise menopause conversations starts with learning from real-life experiences.

So, let’s take this World Menopause Day as an opportunity to deepen understanding of this transformative phase.

Take a moment to hear the candid and powerful stories of Nathalie, Alex, and Lisa. Their experiences shed light on the realities of menopause. Let’s break down barriers and myths, and create a space of empathy and support, now and in the future.


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