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Danish Journalists visit Bioggio ahead of product launch

Cognitive Health Company News

Danish Journalists visit Bioggio ahead of product launch

In preparation for the launch of Ginsana Capsules and Tonic as well as KeenMind under the Flordis brand in Denmark, we invited a selected group of Danish journalists who write for scientific magazines in Denmark to Bioggio.

Key Opinion Leader, Professor Anna Rita Bilia explained the history of phytomedicine throughout the centuries to the journalists.

Fabrizio Camponovo and Giulia Bacchio presented key messages about the importance of quality especially applied to plant extracts, the SFI philosophy of “source to patient” and the clinical evidence behind our products.

Elisa Ranieri and Giulia Bacchio talked about the rebranding phase of Equazen as well as the science behind Equazen. Our partner in Denmark is also one of our biggest clients for the Equazen line.

Thanks also to Niccolo Missiroli, Viviana Meoli and Sabrina Consonni for the management of the client and the preparation of the journalists visit to Bioggio

Submitted by Sabrina Consonni


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