Arvinder Grover Group Head HR
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Driving positive change: Group Head HR Arvinder Grover’s people-centric leadership approach

Company News

Driving positive change: Group Head HR Arvinder Grover’s people-centric leadership approach

Arvinder Grover Group Head HR

Meet Arvinder Grover, a passionate member of the Senior Executive Team at SFI Health Group, spearheading innovation through transformative Organisational Development and change initiatives. Her passion lies in driving substantial change and finding vital connections between people, culture, and strategy.

Her core objective? Fostering a high-performance culture that empowers the workforce to conquer new business horizons. Arvinder envisions a reality where the vast majority of employees wake up inspired, feel secure at work, and return home fulfilled. She firmly believes that finding fulfilment and loving your job should be a universal right rather than a luxury reserved for a fortunate few.

How does she make it all happen?

Reflecting on this year’s accomplishments, what stands out as your proudest achievement?

Easy – it’s our people! In a challenging year, our people demonstrated commitment, resilience, vulnerability, faith in leadership and support for each other! Couldn’t have asked for more and most grateful for it!

As the Global Head of HR in a natural health company, how do you inspire your global employees to bring their best selves to work?

It’s all about energy – I believe it’s infectious. I infuse my passion for our purpose into conversations, sharing future projects and plans. By transferring my excitement and understanding and listening to everyone’s why, we cultivate a shared belief in our vision and foster a strong sense of belonging. When people resonate on the vision level, values and goals, they feel valued and contribute wholeheartedly!

What’s your take on employee engagement?

For me, it’s EVERYTHING! Our people embody the essence of our success; their unique skills set us apart. We actively seek feedback, encourage transparency, and maintain open doors to build trust and foster collaboration. That’s the core of engagement.

"Our people embody the essence of our success; their unique skills set us apart." - Arvinder Grover

You can replicate a company’s processes, its operations, its services, and even its products, but what you cannot replicate is the people – they make all the difference.

In a year where inflation is high and the business environment is tough, how can a company keep employee engagement high?

Employee engagement and retention is a team effort. I work with an executive leadership team that is passionate about our purpose, highly capable executive teams across the group, and most importantly, great employees that the leadership and management works hard for, so that they feel valued. We are humbled that they choose to work at SFI Health and contribute to our purpose every single day across the globe.

On a personal level, I strive to maintain openness and transparency with our people about our objectives, plans, and challenges. This builds trust and fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Anyone in the organisation, regardless of their role, knows that my office door is always open for them—literally. I halt whatever I’m doing if anyone needs to talk.

Diversity and inclusion are central at SFI Health. How does the company promote these values?

At SFI Health, diversity and inclusion aren’t just talk – they’re ingrained in our values. We embed them in our culture by promoting tolerance, acceptance, and diverse thinking. Our annual Neurodiversity event celebrates the richness of all minds, reaffirming our commitment. Our global teams proudly and actively participate in these events across all regions.

Neurodiversity Week at SFI Health

Photo: SFI Health employees around the globe celebrating SFI Health’s Neurodiversity Week

What are your aspirations for 2024?

Stay healthy, and to stay in tune with our people!

Closing thoughts: Is there anything else you’d like to share that we haven’t discussed?

When work feels like passion and fulfilment, it’s not just work – it’s fulfilment, motivation and purpose.


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