Rachel Carter
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Complementary Medicines Insights from CMA board member Rachel Carter

Company News

Complementary Medicines Insights from CMA board member Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter

Growing up in a household that valued natural living, Rachel Carter, Country Manager ANZ at SFI Health, embodies the essence of SFI Health’s commitment to natural health.

Since 2015, Rachel has been involved in the complementary medicines industry. Starting with formulation in manufacturing for sponsors, she developed a passion for sales and marketing, culminating in her appointment to the board of directors at Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) in 2019.

Before we start, could you provide more insight into the Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) and its mission?

Absolutely! Complementary Medicines Australia is the peak industry body for the complementary medicines industry, representing manufacturers, raw material suppliers, distributors, consultants, retailers, allied health professionals and educators.

CMA’s overarching goal is to build a sustainable and positive future for the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Through the unwavering dedication of industry members, they tirelessly advocate for the benefits of the industry, ensuring consumers have access to safe, effective, and affordable complementary healthcare products.

What motivated your involvement with CMA?

Having natural health in my DNA I truly believe there is a wonderful place for complementary medicines to assist people to live healthier lives through prevention and care. I believe our industry holds itself to high standards and is always looking at new and innovative ways to remain connected to better health outcomes.

Joining CMA was a conscious choice to be an active force in our industry, rather than just a bystander. I am most passionate about working with the pharmacy channel and with like-minded Healthcare professionals as their patient care is making a difference to so many.

Rachel Carter

What are your thoughts on the current state of the complementary medicines industry in Australia?

Well, the complementary medicines industry in Australia is in very good shape, thanks to the commendable work of the TGA and CMA. We benefit from a well-regulated environment, with sponsors taking on the responsibility for their products, formulation and advertising. I believe the complementary medicines are now accessible to all consumers.

That said, I do see a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain more education about the significant role that complementary medicines can play in their patients’ lives.

Looking at the global picture, how do you see the industry’s landscape?

Australia, through the TGA, sets a high standard. But, globally, there’s definitely room for improvement. Achieving greater consistency in our industry worldwide is a goal worth pursuing, as every country operates under different laws and standards.

What do you anticipate for the future of the industry?

With sustainability coming more and more to the forefront, there’s a renewed focus on healthier living. In a way, it’s like we’re going back to basics—paying more attention to what we eat and how we take care of our bodies and minds. This shift places a fresh emphasis on leading a healthier life through natural preventative measures.

Consequently, I foresee a steady increase in people educating themselves about natural health options.

Regarding that increasing focus on sustainability, how do you perceive the industry’s role in this movement?

Our industry is just starting its journey towards sustainability. While there are a few sponsors taking the lead in this area, we have a long way to go. It’s a collective effort, and we must all play our part in ensuring a sustainable future for the industry.

Are there any underemphasised aspects within our industry that you believe deserve more attention?

One crucial aspect that our industry needs to be more aware of, discuss openly, and educate on is the impact of the cost of living and the healthcare system. It’s a conversation that deserves more attention.

Finally, what’s the one message you’d like to share with healthcare professionals worldwide?

I want to underscore the significant role that complementary medicines play in prevention, rather than just relying on cures. Natural medicines have withstood the test of time, and there is much more to be explored and supported in this field. It’s an avenue that holds immense potential for better health outcomes.



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