Mr Robert Hendriks

Robert Hendriks is the Group CEO. In this role he utilises his training as a Medical Doctor, MBA, and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, as well as his senior executive experience in leading pharma, biotech, natural medicines and medical devices companies in countries as diverse as the US, Australia, Chile, Greece and the Czech Republic. He enjoys being on the board of directors of an Australian rare diseases association.

Robert’s journey to SFI Health has been both professional and personal. In his own words, “I have changed my mind on the effectiveness of natural healthcare products. I now unequivocally know, based on both clinical evidence and personal experience, that proven natural products have a significant contribution in improving health outcomes.

Being a key architect in the building of SFI Health’s organisational and people DNA he cites as his greatest contribution as an SFI Health leader. Prior to joining SFI Health, being associated with the Government’s reimbursement of a lifesaving drug is his proudest achievement.

A passionate sportsperson, Robert’s exertions away from work include (but are not limited to) the enjoyment of football, baseball and above all cycling.