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Building the SFI Health brand in South Africa

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Building the SFI Health brand in South Africa

With over a decade of experience in FMCG and consumer health, Kgothatso Radebe’s career has been deeply rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly focusing on vitamins and cold and flu brands. Her dedication led her to SFI Health, where she currently serves as the Brand Manager for the South African market, igniting her passion for promoting natural healthcare solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the local community.

Join us as we delve into Kgothatso’s insights and strategies for driving positive change for the broader community. As Kgothatso aptly puts it, her mission goes beyond mere product sales; it’s about positively changing and enhancing individuals’ lives.

What’s the most exciting element of your role?

Building brands in an unstable economy, it’s challenging but drives me at the same time. As well as being exposed to other markets, this provides a lot of learning and growth to my role.

What’s a part of your role that people may not expect?

This is a very hands-on role and I manage most of my projects with minimal assistance from agencies. This is different to what most Brand Managers do in South Africa as there is a reliance on advertising agencies to execute projects. Secondly because we are a small and close team, I support and collaborate with other regions, this is a learning and development advantage.

What’s something that stands out about brand marketing in South Africa that people may not be aware of?

Brand Marketing in South Africa is very bold, touches on trending topics and is culturally diverse. It’s all about saying what everyone is thinking and being the flame that ignites conversations amongst South Africans, whether it’s on politics, everyday situations or any trending topics that could be happening at that time.

This makes localisation very important when engaging with South Africans.  The more South African the content, the better South Africans pay attention and engage with your brand(s).

Nando’s is one of the brands I look at for inspiration for localisation.

Kgothatso Radebe quote

What’s your biggest lesson learned?

The importance of listening to your consumers and potential consumers. This will direct your messaging and get you in the right direction of capturing their attention. It’s not always about what we as a business want.

In one of my prior roles, we found that the segment of consumers we considered as our primary consumers were starting to feel the pinch of the price of goods and the cost of living was becoming unbearable for those that generally look after a large family. They were looking for ways of extending what they currently purchase and although they liked the innovation that came from the organisation, their focus was on surviving with what they have. So we looked at ways of bettering the existing product that they currently use on an everyday basis and make that more valuable for them and their family. The results were very positive, we saw an increase in brand health scores -saliency, awareness & meaningfulness along with the sales volume growth.

What accomplishment would bring you the greatest joy and pride?

Putting our SFI Health brands on the map in South Africa, getting our brands to that esteem level of brands such as Huggies, Coca Cola & Colgate. These brands have a lot of heritage, emotional connection with consumers and the brands are just top of mind.

How do you typically collaborate with your team members?

Through weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings, sharing content and campaigns on our various housing platforms, taking part in various company activities. Supporting different regions with what they may need and what your experience allows.

What’s your favourite SFI Health value?

Making a difference. This goes beyond what I do within our organisation but it is also a value I carry with me in my personal life. Making a difference can really change someone’s life no matter how small or big the action is. I believe if we have this kind of attitude then we are a step closer to making the world better. Moreover, it creates a sense of positivity, keeps me motivated to always look on the bright side.


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