Neurodiversity: An expert opinion


Neurodiversity: An expert opinion

Neurodiversity is an emerging paradigm that is creating seismic shift in our cultural concepts of intelligence, ability and our understanding of the diversity of human neurocognitive capabilities. This has resulted in reframing our understanding of cognitive traits exhibited within neurocognitive disorders to ensure these cognitive traits are properly recognised and valued within society.

About the author
Dr Tony Lloyd is the CEO of the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, – the largest user led ADHD & Neurodiversity Charity in Europe. Dr Lloyd is a co-author of six national reports and several expert consensus statements, research papers and patient information booklets. Dr Lloyd has lived experience of ADHD and is a leading voice and campaigner for a neurodiverse paradigm in health and education services and in industry.

In this expert opinion, Dr Lloyd shares how neurodiversity liberates, enlightens and enriches our understanding of humankind, and embraces these differences as an expression of the evolutionary and universal design of humankind.

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Neurodiversity: An expert opinion on a new paradigm in science and education.


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