Plant certification
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Plant certification: Enabling customers to meet industry standards

CDMO Solutions Company News

Plant certification: Enabling customers to meet industry standards

Plant certification

Over the last 15 years we have achieved a credible portfolio of partnerships with our Plant certification accreditors.

We have successfully helped clients enter new markets with our globally recognised plant certifications as a natural supplements CDMO manufacturer. Our team of experts work closely with global certification bodies to ensure we meet their new and existing inspection requirements.

“In the last fifteen years, our CDMO business has helped customers meet the necessary standards to accomplish various global contract needs. These contracts have added new service revenues to our business while supporting our client’s ability to tap into new markets and boost their sales volumes” stated Christian Von Dach, Head of SFI Health Solution business unit.

How we helped our Brazilian client meet legislation targets

In recent times, our Swiss plant GMP certification (license to manufacture therapeutic goods) helped our Brazilian client to ensure they could sell into the specific needs of their market. The client needed a manufacturing site able to produce products as required by Brazilian legislation.

SFI Health proactively supported our client to achieve necessary product registration as requested by the authorities, and ultimately shorten their time-to-market. Our up-to-date audit from Anvisa (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) also enabled us to efficiently meet all process requests.

Our Brazilian client was able to achieve their project goals:

  • Finding a Swiss made approved site which guaranteed reducing time-to-market
  • Giving strong support from a technical and regulatory point of view and
  • Making sure their products were implemented and aligned with local legislation.

This strategic customer fulfillment demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our growing global client base and our global industry expertise.

Who is on our list of plant certifications within Europe?

The SFI Health Solutions flagship facility in Bioggio, Switzerland is an integrated manufacturing set-up that includes new technology for developing and commercialising multiple fill-finish formats, including tablets, hard gelatine capsules, granulates and liquids.

We also have facilities in Wigan, UK, Reno, USA and Indonesia in the APAC region.



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