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SFI Health wins Neurodiversity Friendly Accreditation Award

Cognitive Health Company News

SFI Health wins Neurodiversity Friendly Accreditation Award

SFI Health team posing with the Neurodiversity award

SFI Health, a global leader in developing integrative health solutions for cognition, is proud to be one of the first companies worldwide to receive the Neurodiversity Friendly Accreditation Award, presented at a meeting organised by the ADHD Foundation on 24 June 2022 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

SFI Health believes business has a role to play in advancing the quality of human life and this is reflected in its values and actions. Embracing a neurodiversity-friendly approach in the SFI Health team is an ongoing endeavour and one fully supported by SFI Health Senior Leadership.

Photo of CEO Robert

“They are not just words, they are part of our DNA” says Robert Hendriks, CEO of SFI Health.

SFI Health embraces the neurodiversity paradigm where diversity is both valued and inclusive.

  • Neurodiversity takes into consideration diversity of thoughts and ways of thinking. This diversity of thought helps provide richer discussions and innovative thinking which in turn advance our values to promote diversity and make a difference.
  • Our leading brand, Equazen®* is a pillar of SFI Health’s history. It epitomises the values of ‘performing to promises made’, ‘acting on learnings’ and ‘progressing human quality of life’ with respect to celebrating neurodiversity through various campaigns, past and present.
  • Neurodiversity is a key focus for SFI Health given the company’s specialisation and core values. Promoting diversity includes plans to create neurodiverse-friendly workplaces and recruitment approaches.

Overview of the SFI Health values

SFI Health has embraced the concept of neurodiversity in various campaigns including the 2019 global Equazen® campaign – “Equazen® supports little dreamers become big achievers”. This campaign celebrated the extraordinary talents of children with ADHD/ADD, emphasising the importance of chasing dreams as an important rite of passage for all children.

SFI Health has been a strong supporter of the UK’s ADHD Foundation since 2016. This partnership resulted in the creation of a video with Dr Tony Lloyd to support parents during the pandemic, and the creation of an expert review to support practitioners and train SFI Health staff on neurodiversity which saw a voluntary attendance of more than 50% of team members.

Hendriks continues, “This award is a tangible sign of recognition for our efforts to date and an incentive to continue looking to the future for ways to further embrace neurodiversity. This includes welcoming neurodiverse employees to our organisation. They will bring unique experiences and skillsets to our offices worldwide, helping to diversify our outlook on how we engage our target audience and ultimately build the effectiveness of our communication”.

*Equazen® is a leading range of essential fatty acid supplements covering all stages of life from pregnancy to adulthood. Equazen® contains a specific and clinically researched 9:3:1 EPA:DHA: GLA ratio shown to help improve the cognitive functions of children, including neurodiverse children from preschool through to adolescent years.

Someone holding Equazen in hands



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