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SFI Heath launches direct-to-consumer business model in Italy

Company News

SFI Heath launches direct-to-consumer business model in Italy

Consumers in Italy can now conveniently buy Probiotics from SFI Health with the launch of its new e-commerce platform,


With the changes in consumer shopping habits, accelerated by the pandemic, SFI Health is implementing a direct-to consumer e-commerce business model which has been successful in other parts of the world such as the US where consumers can buy SFI Health products through, Amazon or selected retail partners.


“What’s unique about our model in Italy is that it’s purely digital,” says Margherita Pastia, EMEA Marketing Manager for SFI Health. “Our strategy means investment in driving traffic to our e-commerce platform through social platforms, influencer activation and paid search will be a focus” says Ms. Elzanne Swart, EMEA Digital Marketing Manager.


Ms Pastia notes how shopping habits amongst Italian consumers have changed, with one in three shopping increasing their online shopping activity since the pandemic and a general increase in spend on supplements online in response to retail store closures or the desire to minimize exposure.


Our best seller: Ther-Biotic® Synbiotic is a comprehensive probiotic supplement. The new website also offers additional natural healthcare products, such as Ginsana® Vit™ for Italian customers.


SFI Health is a global organisation that manufactures and distributes natural healthcare products worldwide. When asked why they chose to launch this model in Italy, Ms Pastia says it came down to market size and potential.


“Italy is the largest probiotic market in EMEA, and Italian consumers are very knowledgeable about probiotics and why to use them,” says Ms Pastia. “Probiotics have been studied for their benefits which include support for many body systems including the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Our products have been designed with carefully selected strains and doses.”


A big win 


The launch of the new website and e-commerce business model was done in collaboration with The Hut Group UK, consultants who helped SFI Health with finance, technology, marketing, and logistics.


“Whilst this was a complex project at times, it was also a satisfying one.” Concludes Ms Pastia. “It’s a big win for us and the people of Italy.”



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