Tom Dimke

As General Manager Americas, Tom is passionate about improving people’s lives through natural healthcare. 

After building and leading several large national and international healthcare companies, he is now passionately contributing to SFI Health’s growth.

The passionate commitment across this entire organisation is what really drew me to SFI Health.

In his free time, Tom enjoys spending time with his family in nature: landscaping, biking, paddling and fly fishing are all on his long list of hobbies.

Divya Ramakrishnan

Divya Ramakrishnan is General Manager, Americas; an MBA graduate with a background in Engineering and a career spanning some of the world’s leading health and wellness companies.

Divya saw something special in the people at SFI and the principles behind the way it was run that she wanted to be a part of.

“SFI is unique in that we resolve a series of apparent contradictions. Our products are developed by taking the best from both nature and science, we run the company with both our hearts and brains in equal measure and our staff are motivated by a culture of both purpose and performance!”

It’s no surprise for such a driven character that Divya says her greatest accomplishment will always be “yet to come”.