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SFI and its family of brands have a proud history

Our rich history dates back over 200 years to when our everyday healthcare brand Potter’s was founded.

Since then our family has grown to include Flordis, Klaire Labs, Ginsana, Equazen, ProThera, Complementary Prescriptions as well as Potter’s.

Continuing to build upon our reputation for efficacy, safety and quality, the SFI Group has become more robust and diverse – forming a house of international brands as well as extending a range of specialised business-to-business services through our unique SFI Services offering.

Today our products align under the three portfolios of Microbiome, Cognitive and Wellbeing.

It is with great pride in our heritage and excitement for the future that SFI continues to evolve as a successful global leader in natural healthcare.

Our timeline

2020 - Soho Flordis International becomes SFI Health
2017 - 72,000 sq metre state-of-the-art manufacturing plant opened in Reno
2015 - SFI Research established
2013 - Ginsana & Klaire Labs joined SFI Group
2010 - Soho Flordis International (SFI) established by Flordis Australia and SOHO Global Health
2001 - ProThera founded
2001 - Flordis Australia founded
1969 - Klaire Labs founded
1946 - The SOHO Group established
1812 - Potter’s Herbals founded